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Dizzy Dog Animal Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 organization.


Our mission is to save urgent dogs from high-risk shelters and provide the care they need until we can place them in permanent, loving homes.


Through outreach and education, we advocate for animals in our community and are committed to bringing about a time when there are no more homeless pets.



We believe every life matters

Volunteering at DDAR comes in many forms - driving pets to their vet appointments, help at offsite adoptions and events, write grants, join a fundraising committee, and much more. Thank you for choosing to donate your time to help the homeless pets in our community.
Foster a dog. Save a life


Do you have a spot on the couch or floor you can spare?

You can save a life by fostering a dog and all they need is a safe place to lay their head at night. EVERYTHING else is provided by the rescue. Without fosters, hundreds of dogs don’t make it out of the shelter alive. You can be their hero by giving them a place to stay until they get adopted.


Every kennel space opened by fostering saves another life. You can save two lives by fostering. Work full time? Most fosters and rescues do! Have kids? Some dogs LOVE kids. Worried you will get attached? Letting them go is always better than them being killed for space.


Please email if you have any questions about fostering or would like to save a dog in need.

The profits will be used for things such as vetting, boarding, and transportation.

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